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Our top tips for successful viewings

Fri 20 Aug 2021


Our top tips for successful viewings

Managing your own viewings

Although most estate agents are happy to conduct viewings on your behalf as part of their service, some sellers prefer to manage their own.  

The way you carry out your viewings can make all the difference when it comes to creating a positive first impression of your home. Do it well and your ‘sold’ board will be up in no time. Get it wrong and you could end up languishing on the shelf. Avoid making common mistakes with our guide to successful viewings.

1. Get ‘viewing-ready’

You could be a fantastic salesperson, but if your product isn’t in tip-top condition, it’s always going to be harder to close the deal. Before you open your doors to prospective buyers, you need to make your home as attractive as possible. Clean, tidy and declutter every room. Try to depersonalise it as much as you can so that potential buyers can easily imagine themselves living there. Open the windows, remove any detritus from pets and add a vase of fresh flowers.

2. Best room first

If you have a gorgeous living room or an Insta-worthy kitchen, make sure it’s the first stop on your tour. Showing off your best room at the start of the viewing helps to create positive impression that lasts, even if your other rooms don’t quite meet the same standard.

3. Be cool

It’s always best to take a relaxed and casual approach. Welcome your viewers warmly and maintain a friendly tone throughout, to ensure they feel at ease. Go for friendly and informative, rather than overbearing or pushy. Less is more!

4. Have your key points to hand

While we would never recommend reading from a script, it might be worth noting down the key points you want to communicate about your home. Most will probably come to you naturally as you walk around your home, but the act of writing it down makes you more likely to remember important information.

5. Tailor the viewing

It’s a good idea to ask a few questions during the viewing. Do your potential buyers have kids? How about pets? Where are they living and working at the moment? Engage them in conversation to draw out what’s important to them. That way, you can personalise their viewing, giving them the key information they need, such as the location of nearby schools, or links to public transport.

6. Give them space

It’s a good idea for you to take your buyers around your property once, so that you can show off all the key features and convey important information. However, once you’ve shown them every room including outside space, encourage them to look around on their own. Let them know that they’re free to take their time, and where to find you should they have any more questions.

7. Don’t ask!

Once the viewing is complete, let your buyers know they’re welcome to come back and see the property again if required. Don’t be tempted to ask them what they thought, or whether they plan to make an offer!

Again, most estate agents are happy to conduct your viewings for you, but if you prefer the personal approach, then go for it. You don’t need to be a sales professional to sell your home. After all, you know it better than anyone. Just follow our top tips and it won’t be long until you’ve secured your sale.

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